Regional organics compost facility

NEW Compost Product

Compost Availability Update

Updated: June 3, 2024, 9:00 am

The CSWM Compost Product from the organics program is currently only available at the Campbell River Organics Composting Facility. It is currently NOT available at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre (CVWMC). Please check back regularly for updates. Skyrocket compost is available at the CVWMC.

Where can I pick up the new compost product when it becomes available?

Commercial amounts (greater than 2 cubic yards):Household amounts (less than 2 cubic yards):
Campbell River Organics Composting Facility
6300 Argonaut Road, Campbell River, BC
Comox Valley Waste Management Centre
3699 Bevan Road, Cumberland, BC

For information on the SkyRocket compost and its availability, please visit the Comox Valley Regional District website here.


Compost purchases are charged per cubic yard, no minimum purchase required. The rate is $15.30 per cubic yard or $20 per cubic metre. Accepted payment methods are Interac debit, credit card or charge on account. There are no cash sales.

Our CSWM Compost Product is a Class A Compost

Our compost is regularly tested to ensure it meets or exceeds the Provincial Regulations for a Class A Compost, under the strict requirements of the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation

Diagram of Organics Composting Facility. Organics are transferred from the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre to the facility in Campbell River where it undergoes an initial composting process. There are several measures in place to control odours such as the bio-filter shown to the right. The compost made is able to be used in industrial pursuits like farming. In the maturation stage the compost becomes more stable. Microorganisms break down the material to generate heat to kill pathogens or weed seeds.