Halloween Pumpkin Disposal

Comox Strathcona Waste Management is reminding residents of the Comox Valley Regional District and the Strathcona Regional District to dispose of their pumpkins in an environmentally responsible manner this Halloween.

When a pumpkin ends up in the landfill it does not break down as it would in a compost pile. The pumpkins decompose without oxygen, producing leachate and methane gas which is harmful to the environment.

You can be part of the solution and keep your pumpkin out of the landfill by using one of the following options:

Residents of Campbell River, Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland

Place your pumpkin on the curb within your yard waste or kitchen scraps container. Pumpkins will be collected during regular yard waste and/or organics scheduled pick-up days during the week.

Drop off at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre

Drop off your carved pumpkins at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre free of charge so they can become compost instead of ghoulish waste!

Other ways to dispose of Halloween pumpkins

There are some other ways that you can help keep your pumpkins out of the trash. Chop them up into thumb-sized pieces and put the pieces into a backyard composter. Or put pieces of pumpkin in a vermicomposting bin (a kitchen-based worm bin) that will yield nutrient-rich compost which can be used to grow next year’s pumpkins.