Organics and Composting
Organics and Composting
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Organics & Composting

The Future of Organics

The Comox Strathcona Solid Waste Management Plan targets a 70 per cent waste diversion rate for the Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) service area by 2022, and the greatest remaining opportunity to meet this target is the diversion of food waste from the waste stream. The diversion of food waste has the added benefit of decreasing the amount of methane gas and greenhouse gas emissions produced by the landfill. Given that approximately 35 per cent of landfill weight consists of organics, diverting food waste also extends the lifespan of a landfill. Currently, the Town of Comox and the Village of Cumberland have curbside organics collection programs in place, as part of an organics composting pilot program ongoing at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre.

Infrastructure Canada has recently announced funding for a number of projects across small B.C. communities including 5.5 million for the CSWM service to implement a regional organics composting facility to service the entire CSWM service area. The remaining 2.77 million of the 8.3 million project will be funded by the service.

The goal is to have a facility operational in 2020. Watch this page for more information or click here to learn more.

Current Programs

CSWM has been partnering with the Village of Cumberland and the Town of Comox to pilot an organics collection program as part of the region’s commitment to reduce the amount of food in the waste stream.

What You Can Do Backyard composting is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to recycle fruit and vegetable scraps and yard trimmings. For more information about how you can compost at home, check out our compost education program page. SkyRocket Compost Now Available SkyRocket is a high-nitrogen soil amendment, made of wood chips mixed with biosolids, which is cured over time to create nutrient-rich mulch. Biosolids are derived from the wastewater treatment process—they are the solid waste particles remaining once wastewater has been treated. Biosolids contain macronutrients and organic matter that can replenish soil and help it to retain moisture. Vist the SkyRocket compost page for more information about this product.