Recycling Information & Resources

The Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) service oversees a multi-material recycling program and has active re-use and re-purposing programs in place at each of our landfills At present, it is estimated that almost half of the solid waste generated in the district is diverted through these programs.

Recycle BC (previously known as MMBC) is the non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout British Columbia. In many communities, municipal governments continue to provide collection and depot services under the Recycle BC program.

Recycling Depots

For details and locations of recycling depots in your area, visit our Recycling Depots page.

Recycling Pickup

The City of Campbell River, City of Courtenay, Town of Comox and Village of Cumberland provide curbside recycling pickup for their residents. Click here for more information on recycling pick up in other areas of the CVRD and SRD.

In Royston, the CVRD contracts Emterra Services Ltd. for the curbside collection of garbage and recycling. Please refer to the Royston Garbage and Recycling Pick-up Schedule. For other inquiries or collection information contact Emterra at 250-336-8066.

We also provide information about where to recycle household goods and clothing and where to drop off hazardous household waste.

Electrorecycle, a small appliance and power tool recycling program managed by the Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association (CESA), gives British Columbians a convenient recycling option for these products. Recycle your old small appliances and more than 400 electric or battery-powered items at one of over 200 drop-off locations across the province, and help reduce pollution, save energy, and protect our environment. 

Recycling Videos

Learn more about recycling these particular items within the Comox Valley and Strathcona regional districts:

Other recycling resources

BC's recycling efforts are expanding, and the benefits to British Columbians and the environment continue to grow. The Recycle BC website is an excellent tool for learning what you can recycle, finding your nearest depot location and other educational resources.

The Recycling Council of BC also provides an easy-to-use searchable online database, called Recyclepedia, which can answer many of your recycling questions. You can also download the free BC Recyclepedia Smart Phone App.

More information about eco fees and where to recycle common items is available on Stewardship Agencies of BC.

Check out the Regional Recycling Community Portal website for tips, tricks and videos on closing the loop and the recycling process.  (A special thank you to Amanda and Meghan from Ms. Martins class for providing the link)

Recycling Education Interested in recycling education programs in the Comox Valley or Strathcona Regional Districts? Check out The Power of R, a proud initiative of the CSWM service that forms an important part of our regional solid waste plan.