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Solid Waste Management Plan

Step 2 of Public Engagement was a Success

  • Over 500 online surveys were completed.
  • 17 Community events attended with over 2,400 engagements.
  • Online and In-person Open Houses held.
  • Results were presented at the November 23, 2023 CSWM Board Meeting.

The Step 2 Summary Consultation report captures what we heard from June to September 2023. Visit our public engagement page for more information.

Get Involved

Our community outreach team has been visiting communities across the Comox and Strathcona regional districts, talking with residents and hearing their thoughts about how we should manage solid waste in the future, and we aren't done yet! Over 1,000 people have already engaged with us on our Solid Waste Management Plan!

Want to connect? Visit our public engagement page.

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Campbell River outreach booth
Nautical Days outreach
Sayward outreach booth

What is a Solid Waste Management Plan?

A Solid Waste Management Plan is the long-term vision for garbage and recycling and presents the programs, services, infrastructure and policies that guide the design and implementation of solid waste in the Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) region. 

Solid Waste Management Plans are mandated by the Province through the Environment Management Act for all regional districts to complete, and a 10 year renewal is suggested by the Ministry to ensure that the plan reflects best practices and the evolving realities of solid waste.

As communities, regulations and public needs change, CSWM adapts to meet the evolving environment through the delivery of effective, cost efficient and convenient services. CSWM operates recycling depots, transfer stations and landfills across the Comox Valley and Strathcona Regional Districts. Each community in the service area is unique as are the solid waste services provided in order to meet their needs. To improve upon the services offered, the CSWM is undertaking a renewal of the Solid Waste Management Plan over the next few years.

What Does a Renewal Mean to Me?

The purpose of a plan renewal is to connect with residents and communities to ensure the services and programs offered align with changing needs. 

What is the Goal?

The goal is to produce less waste. The annual waste disposal rate in the service area is just above the BC average, between 510 and 543 kg/person. We need to continue to work towards achieving the provincial target of 350 kg/person per year. This is accomplished through small actions taken by an entire community or large initiatives undertaken by CSWM. Every small action taken reduces our waste.


How to Weigh In?

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Solid Waste Management Plan Public Engagement