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Help keep our region beautiful: Stop illegal dumping!

Illegal dumping is a continual challenge for our region. In our communities and rural areas we have chronic illegal dumping sites, where everything from refrigerators to tires are discarded. Most commonly, these items are dumped along roadsides, ditches and fields, wooded areas and remote sites.

Besides the cost of cleanup, illegal dumping also poses a threat to both the environment and public health and safety. Illegally-dumped hazardous material can seep into the ground and eventually into water sources or can go directly into streams and lakes. Dumping sites can become breeding grounds for insects and rodents. And, they diminish the beauty of life near these areas. In our region, bears can develop a taste for human-discarded garbage and become a nuisance, which can result in the bears being killed when they start foraging in people's yards looking for trash.

To report illegal dumping:
  Conservation Officer Service
Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP)
Dial Toll Free 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP)
Cellular Dial  #7277
or report violators online at
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Trash Out - locate illegal dumps

What can you do?

Appropriately dispose of extra garbage, household hazardous waste and other materials.

Here are some options:

Radio scripts for illegal dumping

I Spy

If you are interested in using these radio spots, you will need to pay talent rights to the production company for your use of the ads. For a customized quote and to listen to the ads, please call or e-mail:

Soundscapes - Creative audio for Broadcast and Emerging Media
Tel: (501) 661-1765 or email Stephanie Nolte
Please be ready to provide the following information in order for them to provide you with a quote:

1. Your contact information
2. Where your radio ads will be run (talent costs vary by region covered)
3. General use information - how long campaign will run


Did you know?

Many people believe that because yard and garden clippings are biodegradable, there's nothing wrong with dumping their trimmings in the bush. This is not so. Improper disposal of yard waste often leads to other illegally dumped refuse.

Remember to dispose of yard waste properly - either through your municipal curbside collection program or at a waste managment centre.