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Important Notice about Recycling in 2014:

Changes are slated for the collection and recycling of packaging and printed paper. Multi-Material BC's packaging and printed paper stewardship program takes effect May 2014. See for details and to sign up for email updates.

The Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) service maintains recycling depots throughout the region.

Since 2010, several of the depots throughout the region have been discommissioned at the request of the property owners. There are several reasons that business owners have asked for the recycling depots to be removed including:

For more information on the recycling strategy moving forward view the frequently asked questions listed below. A list and maps of where depots are located are located on the website at

* The City Campbell River, the City of Courtenay, Town of Comox and the Village of Cumberland provide curbside  recycling  pickup for their residents.

The CVRD contracts out Emterra Services Ltd. for the pick-up of of garbage and recycling in Royston. For inquiries or collection information contact Emterra at 250-336-8066.


THE "POWER OF R" is a local educational program that focuses on the "Five R's" of waste reduction: rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. This waste reduction program is an initiative of the Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) service and forms an important part of our regional solid waste plan.


An easy-to-use searchable online database which provides answers to the most frequently asked recycling questions and where to take them is a resource called "Recyclepedia" and is located on the Recycling Councils of BC's (RCBC) website at

B.C.'s recycling efforts is expanding and the benefits to British Columbians and the environment continue to grow.

As of July 1st, 2012 the Electronic products Recycling Association (EPRA), the Canadian Electricial Stewardship Association (CESA), and B.C.'s LightRecycle program increased the number of products they recycle by adding new items such as video game consoles, GPS devices, power tools, sewing machines and light fixtures to their established and successful recycling programs.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada (OPEIC) will also introduce a new program to recycle electrical outdoor power equipment like lawn mowers and grass trimmers.

Before products listed above may have ended up in the landfills and causing risk for the environment. After July 1, 2012, we are now able to keep more products out of the waste stream, reduce pollution and recover valuable materials such as steel, alumunium, and plastic.

The new expanded recycling programs operate on a non-profit basis. They are funded by an Environment Handling Fee (or a 'recycling fee') on the sale of new products in B.C. to cover program costs such as transportation, collection and recycling.

For more information about eco fees and where to recycle an item, you can use the recycle location finder on the Stewardship Agencies of BC. You can also visit the Recycling Council of BC or download the FREE BC Recyclepedia Smart Phone App.

Small Appliance Recycling Program

Unplugged, the Small Appliance Recycling Program guves British Columbians a new and convenient recycling option for these products. Starting October 1st, recycle your old an dbroken small appliances at one of over 100 Unplugged recycling drop-off locations across the province and help reduce pollution, save energy, and protect our environment.

Red Dot Campaign

Tired of junk mail? Join the Red Dot campaign today and place your Red Dot sticker on your mailbox to stop receiving unwanted junk mail while reducing paper waste. Click for more info on the Red dot campaign

Recycle these items at our recycling depots

and magazines

Includes household stationary, flyers, junkmail.
Place loose in the bin.

and boxboard

Remove liners,. boxes must be flattened.

Plastic #1-#7

If it doesn't fit in the bin, please don't leave it!
Household containers only
Rinse well, flatten if possible, discard caps.
No styrofoam.

Metal cans

Rinse well, remove label, squeeze shut.
Do not flatten, if possible
Large metal items (non-food grade) can be recycled for free at our metal recyling bins at the landfill.

Glass recycling

Please recycle your "return for refund' items to the bottle depots:

• For more information, pick up our compost brochure or visit the compost education centre
• Environmental Product Disposal Information Product Care


How to Recycle

Irresponsible abandonment of products can injure kids, pets and wildlife. Return items in their original containers to the: Campbell River Refund Centre 1580 Willow Street 250-287-4224


• A province-wide end-of-life electronics recycling program is now available to BC consumers and businesses. As of August 1, 2007, you can drop off regulated products at designated collection sites without charge, and be assured they will be recycled responsibly.  For more information visit:


• Max container size: 20L
• Gasoline in approved ULC containers only

(Liquids only)

• Max. container size: kerosene 9L, other liquids 10L
• Paint thinners, other solvents, camp fuels or liquid adhesives with the flammable symbol

Household Paint

• Max. container size: 20L
• Voluntary limit: 50 per visit
• Interior & exterior latex, alkyd, enamel and oil based paints
• Porch, floor and deck paints
• Interior and exterior varnishes and urethanes
• Primers, undercoats, block fillers and sealers
• Marine enamels
• Wood finishing oils, stains, shellac
• Latex driveway sealers
• Rust paint, decorative metal paint, fence, barn and swimming pool paint


A province-wide medications return program is available to BC residents. You can return unused or expired medications to pharmacies  without charge  for safe disposal. For more information visit:

Paint Aerosols

• Voluntary limit: 50 per visit
• Paint aerosols of all types, including auto and industrial


• Max. container size: 10L
• Consumer pesticides with the poisonous (skull & crossbones) symbol, AND a “Pest Control Product” registration number
• Looking for alternatives?

CVRD website

Reduce waste
by using the
Rethink, Refuse,
Reduce, Re-use
and Recycle:


15% Plastics
household containers marked #1-#7
14% Paper
14% Miscellaneous
7% Metal
10% C&D
2% Glass
1% Each of Beverage containers, household hazardous waste, and electronics