Community Education

Community Education is Working to Reduce Solid Waste

Want to learn how to set up a successful home recycling system, find resources on going zero-waste or download printable labels for your recycling categories? Our community education page has everything you need to know about reducing waste at home through resources, workshops and educational videos. 


Going Zero Waste at Home

This presentation will take you through practical steps you can implement immediately in your life to drastically reduce the amount of waste your household produces and sends to the landfill. Our community educator will lead you through the 8-step zero waste hierarchy from Rethink to Recycle, and lead a brief discussion on composting.

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Educational Videos

Sort It Out: Setting up Your Home Recycling System

What's Happening with Illegal Dumping?

Take a Tour of the Waste Management Centre

Community Depots - Spotlight on Denman and Hornby Island Recycling Depots

Additional Resources