Waste Disposal Applications

Asbestos Disposal 

Residents with 9 bags or less of ACM can bring their completed paperwork (including analytical testing) with their bags to the Campbell River Waste Management Centre between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). 

Asbestos Disposal Application Form

Gypsum (Drywall) Disposal

For the disposal of gypsum (drywall) at the Comox Valley or Campbell River waste management centres the following provides instructions for the categories of gypsum (drywall) that are accepted at the waste management centres.

New Construction Gypsum (drywall) - Cut Offs

  1. Complete the waste disposal application form.
  2. Bring the completed form and material to the landfill for onsite verification.

Reno/Demo Gypsum (drywall) (post 1990 & date stamped OR accompanied by lab results)

If gypsum (drywall) is dated post-1990 (see “Manufacture’s Date Stamps” below) OR the gypsum (drywall) does not have compound/joint mud, you are not required to proceed to the next steps. Refer to “New Construction Gypsum (drywall)” instructions above.

For pre-1990 gypsum (drywall) or drywall that is not date stamped, proceed with the following step(s).

  1. Complete the waste disposal application form attached.
  2. Have the gypsum (drywall) compound mud tested for asbestos (residents or contractors should provide a project hazardous assessment report, as per Worksafe BC Guidelines Part 20 – Demolition). Note: testing results for each room being renovated will be required. Staff are able to refuse loads that do not have sufficient analytical reports.
  3. A list of contractors and labs that perform testing and abatement, is available on our website or by contacting the CVRD at 250-334-6016
  4. Attach your supporting documentation and submit the waste disposal application to the CVRD for approval. Disposal of gypsum (drywall) containing compound mud must be within 90 days of receiving analytical report from certified laboratory. Analytical data received as part of a home inspection will be accepted without a time restriction.

Manufacturer’s Date Stamps

Manufacturer’s Date Stamps are printed in black, blue or purple ink. Acceptable date stamps are never printed in green ink. The date stamp can be on the front, back or edge of the broad. 

Loads that do not meet the requirements are rejected.

Waste Disposal Application Form

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