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Food & Yard Waste Collection Program

Welcoming Food and Yard Waste Collection to your Area

Did you know that food and yard waste (‘organics’) currently accounts for about 30 per cent of the total waste sent to the Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) regional landfill?

Food and yard waste can be better managed by composting - turning it into nutrient rich compost rather than sending it to the landfill where it takes up much needed and valuable airspace and creates harmful greenhouse gases.

That’s why CSWM, in partnership with the City of Campbell River, City of Courtenay, Town of Comox and Village of Cumberland, is committed to sustainably managing organics (food and yard waste) for residents who receive municipal collection services. A new regional compost facility that will process food and yard waste is nearing completion.

What's Happening Now

Residents within Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland and Campbell River will receive kitchen bins with an informational brochure about the program in early 2023.

Comox and Cumberland:
Thank you to the many residents in Comox and Cumberland who have been diverting food and yard waste from their garbage through the weekly organics pilot program. 

Not participating yet? Join in at anytime by simply leaving your comingled food/yard waste bin at the curb on your designated collection day. 

Courtenay and Campbell River:
Residents of Courtenay and Campbell River are invited to begin setting out food and yard waste for curbside collection in 2023. 

  • Courtenay - Residential dwellings that receive curbside collection are invited to participate in the curbside food/yard waste collection program starting January.
  • Campbell River - Residents of single-family homes are invited to participate in the curbside food/yard collection program, on a voluntary basis, beginning in Spring 2023.

Residents can use bins or containers of their choosing to set out their comingled food/yard waste at the curb, but should be clearly labeled as ‘organic waste’. Please refer to your local municipality for curbside set-out instructions.

Watch for new decals that residents can use on bins, to be delivered with kitchen bins early in 2023.

The Dos and Don'ts

Knowing what is accepted in the food/yard waste bin will help avoid contamination and keep our system operating smoothly. Food/yard waste bins with unacceptable materials will be left at the curb. 

IMPORTANT TIP: No plastic bags or containers – even those labelled as compostable or biodegradable – can be used in the food/yard waste bins.

Check out this graphic for sorting:
Brochure - Food and Yard Waste Program

curbside food and yard waste guide - what's accepted and not accepted

Remember to:

  • Collect your food waste inside during the week and transfer to the larger curbside bin as needed.
  • On collection day, set out your food/yard waste bin even if it isn’t full.
  • If lining your bin or kitchen bin, use a paper product such as newspaper or cardboard – do not use plastic bags or liners, even if it is labeled compostable or biodegradable (they will not break down and cause contamination).
  • Reduce odour by cleaning the kitchen bin and bin with hot water and phosphate-free, environmentally friendly detergent, and/or sprinkle with baking soda.
  • Bring in your food/yard waste bin as soon as possible after collection to avoid attracting bears and other wildlife.
  • Use an “Organics Compost Program” decal to identify your curbside food/yard waste bin at the curb.
  • Top up your bin with yard waste such as garden trimmings and leaves, or plants (living or dead/dried). 

Get Help Sorting

Municipalities are rolling out new apps for mobile users that will help residents keep track of collection dates, receive notifications and access the ‘what goes where’ tool.

  • Campbell River - The weekly curbside collection schedule for food and yard waste can be accessed via the Campbell River Recycles App, printed schedule and/or the City of Campbell River website. Campbell River will be launching the food and yard waste program in Spring 2023. More information to come.
  • Comox – An app is coming soon! Visit the Town of Comox website for more information.
  • Courtenay - The weekly curbside collection schedule for food and yard waste can be accessed via the Courtenay Collects App, printed schedule and/or the City of Courtenay website.
  • Cumberland – An app is coming soon! Visit the Village of Cumberland website for more information.

FAQ - Food and Yard Waste Program (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions - Food and Yard Waste Collection

Using the Service

Using your Food and Yard Waste Bin

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