New regional landfill in the Comox Valley

Comox Valley Waste Management Centre

The engineered landfill at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre

The need for a new engineered landfill cell was identified as part of the 2012 Comox Strathcona solid waste management plan. Cell 1 meets or exceeds all current provincial requirements for landfill design, construction, and operation. It includes a multilayer engineered liner system the size of 11 CFL football fields. The liner is designed to collect leachate – formed when rainwater mixes with solid waste – to keep surface and ground water safe.

The leachate is transferred to a lined equalization pond before being treated by the new treatment facility, which will remove contaminants and return clean water to the environment.

Beginning January 1st 2023, tipping fees will be increasing to account for the rising cost of regional waste disposal. More Information: Updated Fees & Charges

Extending the Life of the Landfill

You can help extend the life our new landfill by donating or recycling unwanted items, sorting household garbage, and properly disposing of construction materials and hazardous waste.  For more information on what to do with your unwanted items please visit the relevant page below:


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