Fees and Charges

Fees & Charges

Solid waste within the boundaries of the Comox Valley Regional District and Strathcona Regional District can be brought to the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre (CVWMC) and the Campbell River Waste Management Centre (CRWMC) landfills, or one of the CSWM transfer stations, at the rates listed below.

Please see Bylaw 720 for full definitions pertaining to each category:

MaterialUnit of MeasureJan. 1, 2023 RatesNew Rates - Jan. 1, 2024
Municipal Solid Wasteper tonne$145$155
Asbestos Containing Materialper tonne$275$310
Clean Fillper tonne$25$40
Clean Wood Wasteper tonne$120$120
Construction and Demolition Waste without Recyclable Materials or Prohibited Wasteper tonne$145$155
Construction and Demolition Waste containing Recyclable Materials or Prohibited Wasteper tonne$330$365
Cut Grass and Leavesper tonne$65$65
Gypsum - Divertibleper tonne$240$275
Mattressesper piece$20$20
Non-Ammonia Refrigerant Containing Units not covered by Stewardship Materialsper tonne$145$155
Ammonia Refrigerant Containing Units not covered by Stewardship Materialseach$145/tonne$50 each
Non-Stewardship Tires and tires on rimsper tonne$145$155
Rubbleper tonne$25$40

Garbage (municipal solid waste) - $10 minimum charge for up to 100 kilograms (kg) still applies.

The changes to tipping fees for the impacted waste categories are intended to drive the necessary behavioural changes with the goal of increased waste diversion through the use of financial penalties, as well as a transition to a higher level of enforcement of contaminated loads.

Disposal rates are per metric tonne and will be pro-rated for any portion thereof. Each visit is subject to a minimum charge, unless otherwise specified.

Groups engaged in community clean-up events may be eligible for a tipping fee discount. Contact us for more information on how to apply.

Please be aware:

  1. Loads containing prohibited waste OR loads containing more than 10% recyclables will be charged at the rates below, plus all costs associated with any special handling.
  2. In the event that weigh scales provided are not operational, weight shall be estimated by the scale staff employed or contracted by the Comox Valley Regional District.
  3. Recycling facilities are provided for selected commodities, which may be accepted free of charge when placed in the containers provided.
  4. Improperly covered loads are subject to a $20 fine.
  5. Within the facility gates, please remember pets and small children are safest if they remain inside the vehicle at all times.