Fees and Charges

Fees & Charges

Solid waste originating within the boundaries of the Comox Valley Regional District and Strathcona Regional District can be brought to the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre (CVWMC) and the Campbell River Waste Management Centre (CRWMC) landfills, or one of the CSWM transfer stations, at the rates listed below.

Disposal rates are per metric tonne and will be pro-rated for any portion thereof. Each visit is subject to a minimum charge.

Groups engaged in community clean up events may be eligible for a tipping fee discount. Contact us for more information on how to apply.

Please be aware

  1. Loads containing prohibited waste, or loads containing more than 10 per cent recyclables, will be charged at the rates below, plus all costs associated with any special handling.
  2. In the event that the scales provided are not operational, weight shall be estimated by the scale staff employed or contracted by the Comox Valley Regional District. 
  3. Recycling facilities are provided for selected commodities, which may be accepted free of charge when placed in the containers provided.
  4. Improperly covered loads are subject to a $20 fine.
  5. When within the facility gates, please remember pets and small children are safest if they remain inside the vehicle at all times.

Scale Charges for Waste Disposal

For a complete list of current fees and charges visit Comox Valley and Campbell River Waste Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 170.

Note: New scale charges for depositing solid waste, controlled wastes and recyclable materials came into effect September 1, 2020.

ItemMinimum ChargeIn-Area Charge
/ Tonne
Out-of-Area Charge
/ Tonne
Municipal solid waste (MSW)


0-100 kg

$140 / tonne$280 / tonne

MSW containing recyclables

$30$330 / tonne$660 / tonne

Asbestos containing materials

*Only accepted at the Campbell River Waste Management Centre


0-100 kg

$250 / tonne$500 / tonne
Commercial recycling


0-100 kg

$60 / tonneNot accepted

Construction and demolition debris (sorted)

*Wood must be cut to 6' lengths for Campbell River


0-100 kg

$140 / tonne$280 / tonne

Controlled waste – advance approval and supporting analytical data required

*Timbers cut to 6' lengths for Campbell River and 6-8' for Cumberland


0-100 kg

$200 / tonne$400 / tonne
Clean fill (uncontaminated dirt, sod, rocks, bricks, sand, clean concrete etc.) – advance approval and supporting analytical data required for loads in excess of 1000 kilograms


0-400 kg

$15 / tonne$45 / tonne
Divertible wood waste


0-100 kg

$120 / tonne$225 / tonne
Divertible gypsum (drywall) – advance approval and supporting analytical data required for pre-1990 gypsum


0-100 kg

Grass clippings and raked leavesNo charge
Improperly covered or secured load $20 each$40 each

$15 each

0-100 kg

$15 eachNot accepted
MetalNo charge
Refrigerant containing materialsNo charge
Yard waste / invasive species


0-100 kg

$65 / tonne$195 / tonne


Asbestos containing materials

Waste containing friable asbestos fibers or asbestos dust in a concentration greater than 0.5% by weight either at the time of manufacture or as determined using a method specified in section 40(1) of the provincial Hazardous Waste Regulation (B.C. Reg. 63/88). Asbestos containing materials can only be accepted at the Campbell River Waste Management Centre.

Clean fill

Uncontaminated material such as rock, sand, gravel, concrete, asphalt, cinder/building blocks and brick. All material must be 30 cm or less in diameter and free from any metal, rebar, mesh and oil or fuel contamination. Soil not accepted at this time.

Commercial recycling

Clean recyclable materials from commercial, institutional or industrial sources, free from contamination that would render it unrecyclable.

Construction and demolition debris

Mixed waste loads produced as a result of the construction, renovation and demolition of buildings, and other structures, and includes wood waste and gypsum coated with material that renders it unsuitable for recycling, but does not include contaminated waste, creosote, PCB treatments, loads mixed with recyclables or any special waste. Loads containing demolition or deconstruction material must be free from asbestos and be accompanied by supporting documentation.

Controlled waste

Solid waste requiring special handling at the waste management centre, and includes but is not limited to:

  • Creosote pilings or timbers cut to 6' or 8' lengths;
  • Large dead animals;
  • Animals that have been euthanized;
  • Steel cables;
  • Emergency and disaster debris; and
  • Low density/bulky waste including Styrofoam floats, fish coolers and similar items that are of significant bulk but of low density

Disposal of controlled waste at a CSWM waste management centre requires 24-48 hours advanced notice so a site can be prepared.  If you would like to make arrangements to dispose of controlled waste material, please contact us.

Divertible gypsum

Off-cuts or scraps from new construction and post-1990 gypsum board or drywall that has been painted or is coated with wall paper, but does not include gypsum or drywall coated with material that renders it unsuitable as a recyclable material. Advance approval and supporting asbestos testing analytical data is required for pre1990 gypsum.

Divertible wood waste

Any wood waste product that is capable of being diverted from the landfill. This includes but is not limited to: pallets, fiber/particle board, oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood, raw dimension lumber (cut to 6' lengths) and scraps or cut-offs.

Improperly covered or secured load

A load that is not properly secured, either with a tarpaulin cover or tie-down apparatus to prevent any of the load escaping or falling off the haul vehicle.

Invasive species

Any invasive alien plant species that has the potential to pose undesirable or detrimental impacts on humans, animals or ecosystems and are identified in Schedule ‘A’ of Bylaw No. 2774, being the “Regional District Weed Control Regulation Bylaw 2001".


Mattresses weighing less than 100 kg. 


Recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous metallic materials. It does not include metal that is incorporated into a product or packaging, such as a couch, that does not comprise more than 50% of the product in weight and that cannot be readily separated from the non-metallic components.

Municipal solid waste or MSW

Refuse that originates from residential, commercial, demolition, land clearing, construction or institutional sources as defined in the Environmental Management Act .

MSW mixed with recyclables

Loads of MSW containing 10% or more recyclables or divertible items, at the discretion of the attendant.

Prohibited Waste

Biomedical, radioactive or ignitable waste, or waste that is on fire/smoldering. Drums, extra-large tires, liquids, metals. Motor vehicle bodies and farm implements. Special waste as defined in the Special Water Regulation (BC) including asbestos.

Refrigerant containing material

Includes but is not limited to: fridges, freezers, water, coolers, air conditioners. If refrigerant is removed by others, supporting documentation must accompany the item.

Yard Waste

Uncontaminated, non-invasive vegetation removed from gardens, lawns, shrubs and trees and includes material that is a maximum diameter of 30 cm.

Bylaw 170 Tipping Fees and Charges