Solid Waste School Programs & Presentations

Solid Waste School Programs & Presentations

What is the Power of R?

Power of R

The Power of R program includes teacher resource kits, as well as a variety of classroom workshops that are designed to be either stand-alone or presented as a part of the Inquiry Units. The information and delivery formats of the program are continually re-worked to engage different learning styles and stay current with emerging issues.

The Power of R workshops encourage students to consider their everyday choices and how they have an impact on our world.

Both the Curriculum Packages/Kits and the presentations are available to schools in Districts 71, 72 and 84 free of charge.

Curriculum Kits

School District 71 and Comox-Strathcona Waste Management have come together for a collaborative project to create resources for students and educators about solid waste management in the Comox Strathcona region.  The purpose of this project is to share ways that we can be mindful about what we put into the landfill to ensure its life is extended as much as possible. While experienced environmental educators working for the regional district share their dynamic work in classrooms across districts, this project offers additional ways of promoting sustainable practices.

Two inquiry units were the result of this collaboration; one for primary grades, and one for intermediate.  They offer a selection of activities, videos, books, and websites as a menu for educators to initiate inquiries in their classrooms. 

You can access these kits for download here:

Primary Grades
Intermediate Grades

Educators in each district can also contact their respective resource centres for access to kits which include a copy of these educator guides, as well as supporting books and resources.

Classroom Presentations - Power of R Sessions

Grades K - 3
Students will make model landfills in small groups and learn the Power of R firsthand (approximately 1 hour)

Grades 4 - 7
Students will do either an individual or classroom waste audit and learn to think differently (approximately 1 hour with pre-presentation prep)

Grades 6-8
Students are introduced to the value of a circular vs. linear economy and about how what we consume can be even more important than how we manage our waste (approximately 1.5 hours)

Leadership Classes/Clubs
Have our educator support your leadership class in creating a schoolwide waste audit or waste diversion initiative

School Green Teams/Environmental Committees
Contact us for a resource kit to help spark ideas for initiatives that can be implemented in your school

Holiday Specific - support your students in planning a waste-free holiday with their families. This presentation includes information about where waste goes, and ideas about how to reduce your footprint over the holiday season, including some fun things for them to take home (approximately 1 hour, most appropriate for K-5).

We are open to planning a custom workshop to meet the needs of your school and classroom – contact us to brainstorm ideas to help us grow this program!

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